T-CIA T-Cells and Ageing

Cost-shared RTD project coordinated by G. Pawelec


QLK6-CT2002-02283 (2002-2005)

T-CIA will investigate basic processes of physiological ageing of human T lymphocytes. Partners will contribute samples from young and old, healthy and sick donors, and in vitro cultured cells, which will be redistributed for analysis using proteomics, genomics, DNA damage and repair assessment, antigen receptor repertoire, T cell surface markers and function, apoptosis and proliferation control, and immunogenetic studies. Biomarkers selected as relevant to immune ageing rather than resulting from underlying disease or culturing will be recommended for monitoring intervention studies. T-CIA interventions will be on T cell clones is tissue culture, using anti-oxidants, antisense approaches, h-TERT and HSP gene transfection, cytokine & hormone cocktails etc., and will result in recommendations for in vivo intervention. Biomarker monitoring and anti-ageing interventions are potentially marketable by the industrial partner and by the spin-off start-up company Gerontrix (see www.gerontrix.com and www.gerontrix.de [under construction]).