European Network for the identification and validation of Antigens and biomarkers in Cancer and their application in clinical Tumour immunology

6th FP STREP, coordinated by Prof. R.C. Rees, Nottingham Trent University

ENACT aims to identify markers of response and tumour antigens that associate with ovarian, breast and prostate cancer and melanoma progression and resistance to immunotherapy. Prospective clinical material will be collected during the life of the programme and new and existing tumour tissue, PBMC and serum banks will be available for use in the study. This common resource of material will be distributed to partners for the immunological, genomic, biochemical and proteomic analysis of tumour and host response(s) to immunotherapy. The results will be subjected to bioinformatic analysis in the context of clinical outcome of vaccine-based immunotherapy trials from 5 European clinical centres. Analysis of the results in the context of gender, will allow prominent inter- and intra- tumour/host biomarkers to be identified for translation back into clinical practice.


The combined clinical and scientific expertise of the consortium provides added value and links with two on-going 5th Framework cancer programmes that will allow immediate access to melanoma patient data, tumour tissue and cell lines. This study promotes interdisciplinary translational research, which will offer a leading role to partners in 3 Eastern European NAS countries and in SMEs, and will provide a unique technology and science-driven platform for future expansion. We (the consortium) have extensive experience in the management and operation of 3rd-6th Framework projects and this current programme of research builds on previous experience and collaboration by many of the partners, but also increases the repertoire of scientific expertise by the inclusion of new partners, whose research skills are complimentary to the aims of ENACT.