Previous Activities of the TATI group

Nov 14, 2016: G. Pawelec: "Immunity and ageing: causes and consequences of immunosenescence in humans."

Departmental Seminar, Center for Aging, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA; invited by Prof. M. Jaswinski.

Oct 19, 2016: G. Pawelec:"Immune Parameters Associated with Mortality in the Elderly are Context-Dependent: Lessons from Sweden, Holland and Belgium."

Lecture at the Biology of Aging: Paving the way for healthy aging conference, Montreal, CAN;  invited by Prof. T. Fülöp. 

Sep 30-Oct 1, 2016: "Adult Vaccines European Futuring Collaborative" , organized by Pfizer in Zurich (SUI).

Interview with Prof. Pawelec  [Video].

Sep 26, 2016: G. Pawelec: "Clonal T cell cultures as models of immune cell ageing."

Lecture at the Cell Fates and Aging Conference, Dubrovnik-Cavtat, Croatia; invited by Profs. J. Campisi and J. Vijg.

Sep 23, 2016:  G. Pawelec:  "Immunosenescence and cancer."

Lecture at the 10th European Biogerontology Congress, Warsaw, PL; invited by Prof. E. Sikora.

Sep 16, 2016: G. Pawelec: "Immunotherapy of Cancer: Triumphs and Challenges."

Visiting Professor Lecture at Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK; invited by Prof. G. Pockley. 

Aug 11, 2016: G. Pawelec: "Immunosenescence and Cancer: is there an 'Immune Risk Profile' in cancer and ageing?"

Lecture at Health Sciences North Research Institute, Sudbury, ON, Canada; invited by Dr J. McElhaney.

Aug 2, 2016: Kilian Wistuba-Hamprecht after the defence of his thesis.

Prof. Pawelec  put the hat on Kilian, while Prof. Rammensee was looking on with friends and colleagues.


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